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Oct. 10th, 2020 12:30 am
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[community profile] vaidatha is a player-driven survival game in which characters are stolen from their home, stripped of all skills and abilities but one, and dumped in the middle of a ruined desert civilization on an alien world. They have no supplies other than what they took to bed, no means of survival other than what they can find in their area, and no way to get home — except, perhaps, for the glyphs.

As they explore the shattered city and try to expand their resources, characters may stumble upon clues as to what befell the civilization that came before them, and even find ways to restore their lost skills. Along the way they will also discover mystical glyphs that grant skills of the old city's inhabitants upon contact. These glyphs come in a variety of types, and can bestow impossible abilities — but they have their own secrets, and whether one exists that will return everyone to their rightful world is yet to be seen...

UPDATE 2013-08-29: Due to lack of interest, the current beta run scheduled for September is on hold for the time being while further development is done and some changes to the game system are pondered. Players are still welcome to apply for up to two characters in the meantime. If you have any suggestions, questions, or requests, feel free to ask.

Please note that the information here is still under construction. Information may be added or removed at random. If you would like to be notified when new sections of the game are complete, please use the signup page.

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Oct. 21st, 2012 12:25 am
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  1. Vaidatha is a community for fictional characters only, both original and fandom. Applications for real-life persons, celebrity personas, or characters taken directly from religious texts (eg. Amaterasu or Rama) will be denied. (Religious characters depicted through a published fictional series are allowed. For example, you couldn't play Amaterasu straight from myth, but you could play Amaterasu from Okami.) AU (alternate universe) versions of canon characters will not be allowed, and history from other games will only be accepted for original characters at the mods' discretion.

  2. To make sure that you're actually using your character and not just sitting on it when someone else may want to play it, there will be regular required activity checks. Every month there will be an A/C post on [community profile] vaidatha_ooc where you will have to leave a comment with links to your recent activity on [community profile] vaidatha. You have to make a minimum of 15 comments per character between each activity check or your character will be idled out. (Please do your best to have threads instead of 15 one-comment posts, and to tag around instead of playing with the same people all the time!)

  3. Whenever you participate in a post on [community profile] vaidatha, please tag the post with your character's name! This makes it easier to do activity checks and also to find your old stuff. When going on hiatus, make an announcement in the OOC community with the tag "hiatus" — if you don't, and the mods miss your hiatus as a result, you may be idled out in the next activity check.

  4. Any R to NC-17 threads (ie. smut) are not allowed on the comm. If you want to play one out, make a post in your own character journal for continuing the thread.

  5. If a player is violating the rules of the comm in any way, do not confront them about it; report it to a mod. This will not mean an automatic strike against that person. We don't want people to be afraid to come to us, and we'd rather assess rule breaking after talking to all parties involved. We also want to avoid instances of players policing other players, which we've seen lead to bad incidents of bullying in the past.

  6. We can't stop you from posting on anonymous criticism blogs like wankgate, and to be fair, we don't really want to! We only request that if there's something about the game that's bothering you enough to post anonymously about it, you post here first and give us a chance to see if there's anything we can do to help. :)

  7. Please be careful not to allow your OOC knowledge of what other characters might be doing to influence your character ICly. Don't make your character invulnerable (morally, physically, or mentally). Don't assume a given result for any action your character performs on another character; give the other player a chance to respond. Giving your character mysterious access to more supplies than should be available in any one region is also disallowed. All of the above counts as godmodding.

  8. Be fair with your glyphs. Once your character has touched one, they're stuck with it until a removal area is reached. Do not go over your character's five glyph limit. Do not fudge the time and distance it may take to reach a glyph, a removal area, or a level of Mastery. Do not fudge the powercap on regained skills. All of the above also counts as godmodding. When in doubt, check with a mod.

  9. Be nice to each other, and do your best not to infringe on how others play the game (and let us know if someone else is infringing on how you play)! Bullying will be dealt with strictly.
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When characters touch a glyph, they automatically acquire the skill associated with it. This manifests in a sharp prickling sensation on their skin and an inch-large matching mark appearing on their body. The mark can be any colour or location on the body that the player desires, so long as it's easily visible (eg. no internal or skin-coloured marks).

Glyphs grant the ability for a given skill, enabling the user to perform it at the specified level — they do not confer comfort or finesse with a skill. For this reason, in competitions between people bearing the same glyph(s), the outcome is heavily influenced by experience and creativity.

Each character can have no more than five glyphs 'equipped' at once, not counting mastered glyphs. Glyph skills can be mixed and matched to improvise new skills. For more information, see the FAQ.

glyph skills

Agility )
Alchemy )
Animal Husbandry )
Archery )
Arithmancy )
Bladed Arts )
Cooking )
Dance )
Endurance )
Engineering )
Erasure )
Flight )
Glasswork )
Glow )
Healing )
Heat Resist )
Hunting )
Levitation )
Lore )
Martial Arts )
Medicine )
Miasma )
Mimic )
Plant Husbandry )
Pottery )
Riding )
Sands )
Scream )
Shadows )
Shields )
Skinwork )
Smithing )
Song )
Speed )
Stealth )
Stonework )
Strength )
Textiles )
Tongues )
Wayfinding )
Woodwork )
??? )
??? )

For Your Journal: )
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If your character has had a glyph equipped continuously for three months OOC time without ever swapping it out, they are eligible for mastery.

Mastery grants your character full, permanent access to a glyph skill; it will no longer take up one of their 5 skill slots, and they can use it as they please. The time required to achieve mastery also guarantees a deeper understanding of the skill, to the point where your character may be able to teach others the basics if they wish, or hone it towards a specific purpose.

  1. Time spent on hiatus from the game is deducted from the three month total. Dropped characters that are picked up again start over at zero with all glyphs and mastery quotas.

  2. There is currently no limit to the number of glyphs a character is allowed to master, so long as they spend the requisite amount of time using each one.

  3. Characters who meet the time requirement but never use or try to advance their glyph are not eligible. Please try to include some in-game examples of your character progressing with their glyph's skill.

  4. Once a skill has been mastered, your character cannot add to it by going back to the original glyph. Trying to acquire the skill a second time will simply fail.

To apply for mastery, leave a comment on this post with the following information:

Character's Name:
Character's Series:
Glyph skill being mastered:
A link to the comment where the glyph was first acquired:
(for dating purposes)
List of hiatuses since then:
Examples of glyph use:
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flower )

Health & Medicine

plant )
tree )

Cloth & Clothing

Building & Crafting

Animal Care


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beast )
mount )


animal )
mount )


Building & Crafting

Plant Care


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Vaidatha mods can be reached by messaging [personal profile] avaragarda directly, emailing mmoderators+vaidatha at Gmail, or commenting below. All comments are screened and anonymous is allowed.
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ETA: Please note that desired qualities are not absolutely required! We'd like to gather a large team of several mods who can donate a few hours of time each week, rather than a small team of a couple mods who wind up having to do more work than they can handle. If you specify that you can't donate more than X amount of hours per X, you would not be scheduled to do more work than that except in an absolute emergency. If we can't find enough mods to cover the time, the community launch will be put off, rather than start understaffed. So even if you can't provide more than an hour or so a week, please, sign up if you're still interested!

Vaidatha is looking to acquire a modteam! If you're interested and think you have what it takes, the following positions are open:

Application Mods )
Welcome Wagon )
Event Mods )
Ombudsmen )
Administrative Mods )

To apply for any of the above positions, please comment to this entry with the following information (comments are screened):

Contact Information:
Desired Position:
Your Qualifications:
Your General Availability:
Any games you currently moderate / Games you have moderated in the past: [if you aren't listed in the game's current mod list, please include the contact information of a third party who can verify that you moderated there]
Any testimonials you might want to include!