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Name:Vaidatha Mods
Website:Vaidatha RPG

vai'datha (n.), many paths

Various sand dunes in Erg Chebbi, Morocco, under a blue sky
[community profile] vaidatha is a sandbox survival game in which characters are stolen from their home, stripped of their skills and abilities, and dumped in the middle of a ruined desert civilization on an alien world. They have no supplies other than what they took to bed, no means of survival other than what they can find in their area, and no way to get home — except, perhaps, for the glyphs.

As they explore and try to expand their resources, characters may stumble upon clues as to what befell the civilization that came before them, as well as mystical 'glyphs' that grant an entire skill upon contact. They come in a variety of types, and can bestow impossible abilities. But the glyphs have their own secrets, and whether one exists that will return everyone to their rightful world is yet to be seen...

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